This is how the whole “make reading great again” thing started.

On the left, you can see “Company of One” by Paul Jarvis, a non-fiction book that I bought somewhen back in Moscow in 2020. That’s a good one but with the same issue as 99% of all self-improvement books have, you got the point after the first ~50 pages. The further reading of such literature always turns out to be a torture for me as I already got the point, for Pete’s sake… This is why I wasn’t able to beat it even in 2021 and put it on the shelf a couple of weeks ago.

On the right, there’s “Bleaker House” by Nell Stevens, a book that some person just gently put outside his house before my eyes. I asked then, “sorry, is that book for free?” and got it confirmed right away; the guy was just getting rid of some stuff. It’s non-fiction but with the fiction-ish narrative, which I like enormously. Also, it’s an author’s debut that adds value to the book since I myself plan writing a book this year.

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